Goodyear Ultra Grip Performance Plus Winter Tire Review

Goodyear Ultra Grip Performance Plus Winter

Goodyear Ultra Grip Performance Plus

Are you a driver who loves dynamic driving? Are you looking for a reliable premium tire you can rely on in winter? With these expectations in mind, Goodyear has developed the UltraGrip Performance Plus, adapted for high-performance cars.

The Goodyear Ultra Grip Performance Plus tire has a directional tread pattern, literally indispensable in winter. V-shaped blocks and wide grooves: transverse and longitudinal, are designed to drain water from under the car. This is an extremely important function that reduces the risk of aquaplaning. The car doesn’t slip on wet surfaces, and driving becomes as easy as in summer. The tread pattern used is also ideal for maneuvering at higher speeds. This results in improved maneuverability. On the other hand, the massive blocks in the shoulder areas contribute to excellent vehicle stability. Since this is a winter model, safety enhancements during this difficult time of year for drivers have not been forgotten. The dense network of blades of the Goodyear Ultra Grip Performance Plus is not only an additional water drainage system but also a factor that improves traction when driving on snowy surfaces.

The latest test results for the Goodyear Ultra Grip Performance Plus 2022 Tire Reviews.

Winter Tire Test – 5th place out of 10 tires 

  • Advantages: Good wet grip with high resistance to aquaplaning, excellent traction in snow. 
  • Weaknesses: Slow handling on dry pavement, strong external noise, high rolling resistance. 


Overall – Goodyear UltraGrip Performance Plus tires showed good grip in the wet and snow, but could not match the best tires in the dry test. Goodyear is usually well-priced for a premium car tire. 

ADAC 2022 17-inch winter tire test – 3rd place out of 18 tires 

  • Advantages: Short braking distance on dry pavement, good behavior on wet roads, good handling on snow and ice. 
  • Weaknesses: Minor shortcomings in behavior on dry roads. 


Auto Express 2022 Winter Tire Test – 5th out of 8 tires

  • Advantages: Effective on dry roads with low fuel consumption and low noise levels. 
  • Weaknesses: Poor braking on wet roads. 


  • Other Goodyear Ultra Grip Performance Plus Tire Tests 2022 3rd place
  • ADAC 2022 17-inch Winter Tire Test. (225/50 R17) 5th place
  • Tire Reviews 2021 Winter Tire Test (225/40 R18) 5th place
  • Auto Bild 2021 Sports Car Winter Tire Test (245/40 R18) 5th place
  • Auto Express 2021 Winter Tire Test (225/45 R17) 2020 Tests 1st place
  • Auto Bild SUV 2020 Winter Tire Test (225/55 R17) 3rd place
  • Auto Bild Performance 2020 Winter Tire Test (245/45 R18) 3rd place
  • ADAC 2020 Winter Tire Test 235/55 R17 (235/55 R17) 3rd place
  • ACE 2020 Winter Tire Test (225/50 R17) 5th place
  • Auto Express 2020 Winter Tire Test (205/55 R16) 9th place
  • Tire Reviews – 52 Tire Braking Test (245/45 R18) 2019 tests 1st place
  • 2019 AMS Off-Road Winter Tire Test (215/55 R17) 1st place
  • Auto Express 2019 Winter Tire Test (225/45 R17) 1st place
  • 2019 Performance Winter Tire Test (255/35 R19) 2nd place
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