The Achilles Radial brand comes from Indonesia. Multistrada Arah Sarana (MASA) named its products after the legendary ancient Greek hero. The brand, like the company itself, is quite young. In 1991 MASA declared itself as a manufacturer of car tires. Mass production began three years later.

Even at the initial stage of development the company Pirelli helped with technical questions. After Pirelli, another recognized giant of the tire industry, Continental, was approached for advice and help. The close cooperation had lasted until 2000. After that Achilles Radial went its own way of trial and error.

In 2004, Achilles was taken over by the Finnish company Nokian. Of course, this was not the first time that the Indonesians had collaborated with a large and world-renowned brand. However, the status of a subsidiary company has done a lot for Achilles. Firstly, it is a large investment in business development, which in turn means the renewal of equipment. Secondly, it is an exchange of experience between engineers and employees, familiarization and application of the latest technologies. Thirdly, it is an opportunity to make the brand more recognizable in the world.

An example of the latter is the expansion of sales markets and strengthening its position in Australia, Japan, the USA, Scandinavian countries and Central Europe. Achilles has been trading internationally since 2005, and exports 80% of its production there every year.

Today Achilles is one of the largest tire manufacturers in its country. Sixty-one hectares is the area of the factory together with the production halls, warehouses and testing grounds. About 3,500 employees are employed on this area.

Achilles Tires Review

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