Bridgestone introduces the Blizzak VRX 2

The Japanese company Bridgestone is known to almost every car owner in the world. The company’s products on the tire market are considered one of the best, and in terms of price/quality, it has no competitors. Especially the Blizzak VRX model stands out on the market. And now, winter tire Bridgestone Blizzak VRX got a successor. 

Bridgestone Blizzak VRX 2 is a novelty, introduced in July 2017. The tires are designed for winter use and are available, like the first VRX, in a wide range, from 135/80 R12 68Q to 245/40 R20 95Q. According to the manufacturer’s officials, a more improved asymmetric pattern and a new tread pattern have been used in the development of the new product. Compared to its predecessor, the braking distance was reduced by 10% and the wear was increased by as much as 22%. 

By the way, the wear was the only weak point of the VRX, so such a qualitative leap cannot but make you happy. In addition, the amount of noise that occurs when driving on asphalt pavement is reduced by a record-breaking 31%. The figures are really impressive. To get such a good braking ability, Bridgestone engineers covered the grooves with a special hydrophilic material.

The composition of the rubber cocktail was used actively silica, according to the already traditional technology “Nano Protech”. Another innovation used in the novelty can be called more optimized intervals between the blades. Their positioning contributed to increasing the area of contact with the road, which results in a grip and performance on the ice. The novelty is on sale since September 1, 2017, worldwide.

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